Cloud Based Management and Financial Control

Everyone participates in the organizational processes

Sales Management

Increase sales volume

The system is registered legally according to Tax Authorities standards

Customer sign-in enables purchase of products / services via personal bookkeeping account

Allow your customers to order and purchase items from your existing bookkeeping system online without any special additional infrastructure

Item availability according to balance or date (rent)

Smart Algorithm for creating various types of discounts

Secure PCI standard credit payment allows users and customers to accept and receive payments  in a simple and easy manner and Tokenization – Encryption of credit card numbers for chargebacks and refunds

The association mechanism allows you to define links between documents and thus finalize business processes in the organization such as sales order> tax invoice> receipt and batch documents

Procurement Management

Procure to pay

Each user is limited to budgeted expenditure accounts that are relevant to him

Receive invoices for payment by the supplier directly into the system without having to physically send invoices

Smart mechanism for finalizing orders by matching received invoices

Payments to suppliers using a payment file generated by the system

Process Management

Automate Business Workflows

Each entity in the system (purchase orders, customer tax invoices, tax / transaction invoice,  supplier, etc.) enters an approval route so that no document is issued without the relevant approval

Automatic translation of the organizational accounting structure allows the system to automatically create the various approval routes and reports

There are three levels of user authorization:

1. Operation authorization for accessing screens and various actions in the system

2. Authorization to use relevant sections

3. Authorization to view relevant sections

Access the system from any web enabled smartphone

With accurate documentation of the name, place and time of signing

Create form templates and assign full forms to various entities in the system

Authorization mechanism allows you to define the work processes in your organization. For example: combine two bids for each order above a certain amount or fill out a specific form for a tax invoice document, etc

Projects Management

Financial control

Receiving orders from customers and working closely with them from both the revenue and expense aspects

Profitability verification – view project expenses against the sales order

A complete solution for dealing with proforma invoices and resulting tax invoices, without any duplicates or record deletion

Assigning a supplier tax invoice to the payment request / customer tax invoice for reporting and refund requests

Accounting firms

Provide your customers with the highest quality

The customer will be given access to relevant sections, screens and documents that will be predefined, enabling computerized business operations while maintaining oversight. The office may access all journal entries without any manual typing

And of course – a free pilot


Online Access

PC, tablet, or smartphone access

User Tracking

Full user history for all operations performed

File Management

Attach appendices for any entity in the system while documenting the history of the actions

Multiple Languages & Currencies

Generate documents in any language and support of any currency

Multiple Companies

A master system for an organization that runs several companies simultaneously


Entity tagging and tag report generation


Alerts for relevant information in your browser, smartphone, and email. Set up scheduled email reports for saved queries

Email Tracking

Report of documents (invoices etc.) sent to the customer by email that were not opened

Report Generator

Save queries and generate reports for all entities and their relations and export to Excel

Advanced Scanning

Automatically upload documents to the system directly from the scanner using barcode / OCR

Advanced API for computer interface with other software

Automatic synchronization 24/7 by CloudERP-Sync Agent with the existing bookkeeping system

Secured connection protocol (SSL) over the Internet

World standard FIPS 140-2 Compliant Secured digital signature

Start immediately, no setup fees and no commitment, free trial period

Online Support

Email / Phone During Business hours